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A.C.H.I.E.V.E.R Mult-Tool™

A set of tools to Alter, Adjust and Adapt to the challenges of modern business.

Richard created the A.C.H.I.E.V.E.R Multi-Tool™ in conjunction with some of Australia's brightest psychological minds, it's these tools he has used to achieve five world-records, carve out a successful sales leadership career and pioneer a global sponsorship consultancy - tested both in and outside the lab, they gain results.


After all, if you can change your thinking under missile fire in a middle eastern desert, or showering rock from a jungle volcano; perhaps get a small insight into how to take on the challenge of crossing a crocodile-infested river, or find yourself looking down the barrel of a shotgun; then imagine the clarity  confidence, and courage you will take into the uncertainties, unexpected problems, unforeseen difficulties and the complexities of the fast-changing and challenging world.

Keynote Experience

very type of business is different, so why should every presentation be the same? Richard tailors his engagements to meet the individual needs of your organisation. Whether it's about leadership, sales, services or individual performance, it's about adjusting and adapting to succeed.


Richard designs each presentation to meet your objectives and reinforce key messages; integrating a choice of tools from the A.C.H.I.E.V.E.R Multi-Tool™ dependent on your current challenges and difficulties. This means your audience benefits far beyond a standard presentation and it reinforces the hard work you've done to plan an effective event.


Gathering information to help understand your objectives, your organisation, the people in the audience and the challenges they face each day, means he can identify important themes and specific messages you want to make sure you get conveyed. Richard then draws on the specific tools and hours of material from experience and study. As a result of this process, you get his best thinking, most powerful examples and relevant actionable ideas.


No matter the angle you get world-class adventures blended with scientific research in change, challenge, chaos and achievement psychology. Richard understands first hand how to relieve apprehensions to changing condition, be effective in disruption and advance in uncertainty. He delivers an experience that makes jaws drop. Giving your people the strategies for long-term tenacity and the tools to Adjust, Adapt and Achieve.

Modern Business 

Needs A New Set

Of Tools.

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