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9. You Audience Has Never Experienced This

It’s just that, an experience. Taking your audience on a journey from the stage to the wilderness and back again. Richard creates a keynote that everyone will be talking about long after your event is over. 

8. Promotional Content

Richard is always so genuinely excited to be a part of an event. He will engage with your audience before and after. creating marketing content to help you drive registrations, attendance and excitement. If there’s something he can do to make the event easier for you or your attendees happier, He’ll be sure to make that happen. 


7. Breathtaking Visuals

These adventures have some of the most amazing videos and imagery; it takes audiences back to that moment for some deep and heart pounding times. 

6.Entertaining and impactful  Stories

The compelling stories are at times unbelievable, the unexpected encounters and rich experiences help highlight an important message and help an audience take action.



5. relatable

Richard's an average guy with more than average results. He's on the same wavelength as your attendees’ He makes what he has done relatable to everyday working and daily lives. He will greet and meet your participants and stay around for Q&A or any networking sessions you may have. 

4. Motivating Actionable Takeaways

It’s not just about sharing an incredibly inspiring story. Richard loads keynotes with actions and strategies that your audience can apply immediately. 




Richard relives his experiences using the stage and main floor in interesting ways to drive audience engagement. His fearless, inspiring and fun approach loosens up your audience, accelerating the learning process and embedding your core message, leaving an audience both entertained and engaged.

2. Scientifically Researched

It's not just his story. Richard has spent years working with some of Australia’s leading psychological experts and faculties unpacking the exact process of gaining and sustaining result. 


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1. It's all about you

It’s not about Richard; it’s about you, your client and your audience. He's passionate about making a difference, and it comes through on and off stage. His commitment is simple: serve you and do whatever it takes to make your event a success.