You have heard a thousand times about the power of self-belief, you might have felt it, you might be experiencing it currently. And if you have it, you will just keep getting up when you are knocked down,  you will never take “no” for an answer and you will find a way no matter what.

This is true, I have had a truckload of self-belief to get to where I am today. To run across mountain ranges that span entire nations upwards of 5,000km takes a huge amount of believing in yourself and your abilities. But, can this alone keep you pushing forward when everything is pushing back? I don’t think so.

Self-belief alone is floored because it can be knocked out of you. I know, I’ve been there. I have had some of the strongest beliefs, so strong in fact that I thought I was bullet proof for long periods of time. However, repeated knockbacks, difficulties that swiped me sideways and a constant resistance to trying to succeed, eventually took its toll.

It was a gradual process; I didn’t see it coming. I just ended up in a place where I didn’t have the same amount of confidence that I once had, and didn’t believe that I could achieve the goals that I had set for myself. What happened?

Well, when life repeatedly fires bullets at you and overtime the gun gets bigger, even a bullet proof vest can only hold up for so long. That’s because a bullet proof vest is only one layer thick, we need multi layers of protection if we are to keep our beliefs, believable.

Self-belief is powerful, but more powerful than that is, others believe in you. We need a team of people who believe what you believe, that can push you when you feel you can’t push yourself. A team that picks you up and dusts you off when you think it’s your final fall. Because truth has it, we can’t always go it alone.

The bigger belief network, the more layers you have between you, and giving up.  If a bullet gets through, it has to get through another layer and another layer and so on, eventually it will run out of power.

A team of people can do more than keep you advancing forward, they help you stay on the right track, they are great to share and validate your ideas. They keep you engaged, excited and responsible.

That’s why religion is so powerful, there is a huge amount of people believing the same thing, sharing the same beliefs.  Your own self-belief needs to like that, go deep and wide with others that are on your side, you never know, you might start a new religion. 

Richard Bowles works in the field of Sustained Progress. He has an extensive and unique background when it comes to how leaders, their teams and entrepreneurs push through problems, challenges and difficulties to gain and sustain results.

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