Our everyday successes are a race against time. We literally have 24 hours to get to what we can done before that very day is lost forever.  In fact, we don’t really have 24 hours, we have far less when you take out all the things we need to do as humans for our very survival, sleeping, eating etc. That being the case our success really boils down to the speed at which we approach the things we have to do,  to reach what it is we are trying to attain.

“But life is already fast paced", you might say.  "If I do anymore in the time allocated I’m just going to be burnt out?” True, if we are just to  go, go, go,  it doesn’t take long before we get sick or breakdown. The key  to success, is in not allowing your discomforts to discourage you or alter your direction, or even  worse,  stop you in your tracks!

Every day we come face to face with things that we don’t want to do, uncomfortable things, painful things, things that scare us. We either try and do it a different way which can send us around in circles or we take a  longer approach to achieve the same outcome, resulting in slowing down our rate of progress to success.

To get more done, is sometimes as simple as going in a straight-line. That means going straight through the middle of those barriers and blocks that we try and avoid. Straight lines make more sense; you just have to draw a line from where you are now to the goal you are trying to reach to see that it’s shorter route.

African-American social reformer Frederick Douglass said “if there is no struggle, there is no progress”

What he is saying is that progress, development and improvement all involve going through (not avoiding) the very things that are scary, painful and uncomfortable to us. A struggle as he calls it, and no doubt what it feels like.

It’s not the path of least resistance in this case, but the path with the biggest resistance that will see you get there sooner.

“Move forward doesn't mean avoiding the pain, 
but look towards a new day in spite of the rain.”