Richard Bowles, Motivational Speaker

I think we need to ban a few words in the goals dictionary and in life. There are two in particular, that I get tired of hearing, “just” and “only”.

As part of my work with business teams I have many people sharing their next big thing with me, they always start with these words. “I JUST ………” or “I ONLY…………”

It’s bigger than that and you’re better than that. I don’t care if your goal is to meet your company’s sales budget or be the company’s CEO, these words show lack in confidence and belittle what you are trying to achieve.

Do you think that sprinter Usain Bolt has ever said that he’s JUST running 100m? or Steve jobs was ONLY starting a computer company?

It’s important that you have some confidence in your goals. Believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing and be unafraid of what others think. “We compare ourselves to others”, I hear this frequently. Many think because I run mountain ranges that span nations covering up to 95km a day, that I must feel that their personal goals are insignificant in comparison. That is far from any belief I have. I get blown away and constantly in awe of ambitions achieved and the ease of how they are achieved.

The comparisons are irrelevant. The fear of what others think is ridiculous. Downsizing your goals with the likes of “just” and “only”, well…….there’s no just or only about it. Give your goals the purpose they deserve. If you are going to do something, never belittle it. Make a solid statement and stand firm on your goal, it’s amazing what you are doing, no matter what the scale!

So next time you're asked what you are doing, you know the answer. Now get out there and get closer to the end result.     

Richard Bowles works in the field of Sustained Progress. He has an extensive and unique background when it comes to how leaders, their teams and entrepreneurs push through problems, challenges and difficulties to gain and sustain results.

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