Everyone I’m speaking to right now, seems to be happy that the year is coming to an end. They are looking forward to finally switching off the computer for the last time in 2016,  for what they say is “some much needed rest and recovery”.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to start slowing things down or put off starting anything new?

Lots of people start slowing down come the last quarter of the year, seriously! They are delaying decisions, not driving sales or creating new projects because…well, there is the AFL Grand Final at the end of September, and they need a week to get back into it. Suddenly October's over and now it's racing season throughout November with the Melbourne Cup, and then just like that, Christmas is just around the corner!

Now that’s just the last three months of the year, we have a whole twelve months of holidays, breaks and festivities and if we’re not careful they will slow us down and set us back.

We need to continue, pushing, striving and stretching ourselves if we want the results.  If it does stop , then expect it will set you back weeks. Those that achieve success, don’t slowdown, in fact they are ramping up.  Finishing strong and delivering 110%,  in conjunction with planning next year,  is the secret ingredient to success.  Driving results into the start of 2017, starts with what they do today, and if they slow down now, then January and February are, well, just aren’t going to be a success and sets the tone for the coming year.

We have to continue pushing and stretching  the whole year. Success favours those that are consistent, and you know what they say? It isn’t over until the fat lady sings, or in December's case, the jolly fat guy in the bright red suit.

Don't start the new year slow, speed up now and put yourself way ahead of the rest.

Richard Bowles works in the field of Sustained Progress. He has an extensive and unique background when it comes to how leaders, their teams and entrepreneurs push through problems, challenges and difficulties to gain and sustain results.

To find out more and to see how Richard may help your business or team.richardbowles.com.au | @runpreneur