A Hybrid of

Forrest Gump and Bear Grylls


Growing up in the UK my mum worked hard to raise me the right way on her own, cancer took her far too early (miss you, mum). My father on the other hand, which I believe to be still alive, I haven't seen or heard from for over 30 years; was it his absence or that the education system deemed me stupid that impacted the direction I took to become who I am today?

I wasn't born into a family of adventurers, being labelled as one today I find kind of comical, It's commented that I seem too "well-groomed" to be a rugged explorer; though I'm flattered, I do have a beard, I like to think it gives me a rugged edge! From modest beginnings; I failed school, then backpacked as a teenager, worked in construction, a retail store, drove a truck, made cold calls, before competitively growing a successful sales leadership career; from there I co-pioneer a global sponsorship consultancy and established a national annual convention with attendance over 1000. But, I wanted something else.


When I started this adventure journey back in 2012, It was on a whim, and five months later I was running the last kilometre of the longest marked trail in the world (5,330km), I feat I still can't fully comprehend; to endure another four adventures over the years with similar degrees of arduously is hard to imagine. Since then I've searched for answers to how a kid from a village in England could establish five world-records, and with the help of many psychologist and scientist, I'm fortunate enough to be able to educate organisations all over the world on what I have discovered. By some measure, it's been a far more arduous journey than covering thousands of kilometres on foot. You understand then, why I ask with such wonder how the hell did I get here?

Over the past few years; I've crossed a crocodile-infested river (courageous?); ducked under missile fire in the middle east (resilient?), I've been a lab rat for scientific studies (versatile?), Interviewed a Japanese Marathon Monk (Enlightened) lived in remote Indigenous communities (humbled) and unpacked my adventures to the point of depression (committed?), appreciative to pick up a few awards along the journey too (honoured). All of this, of course, was purely a giant life experiment; the analysis? How to Adapt, Adjust and Alter to changing situations and conditions, and thrive in adversity. The knowledge I have gained on the topic has put me on stages all over the world; I'm privileged to help so many people across the globe with my sometimes ridiculous, always entertaining, and significant educational exploits.


- Here's to many more life experiments!


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